The Lynch Wealth Management Group draws on more than 70 years of combined investment experience to help clients pursue their investment goals. Overseeing more than $250 million in assets, the principals of the group have operated in a variety of market environments, weathered multiple market downturns and experienced tremendous bull markets. This combined experience has given the Lynch Wealth Management Group a fundamental commitment to listening to client goals, a steadfast belief in the creation of a long-term investment strategy, with an unparalleled commitment to client service along the way.

We employ a conservative investment strategy based on your individual long-term investment objectives and tolerance for risk. Our approach is not about chasing the highest returns or the latest investment fads-it's about preserving the wealth and security you've worked hard to build. We act as a trusted partner in your success, taking an item off your list of responsibilities so you can focus on the things in life that matter most.

Our group offers a full range of services including consultation, asset allocation, retirement planning, education funding and estate planning.